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Allegro Projects

DLG v0.43 - a DIALOG editor

This editor is for the simple GUI provided with the Allegro game programming library. I made it because I was bored of having to compute DIALOG coordinates and size by hand. It lets you visually create new dialogs with your mouse. It should be able to load just about all the dialogs from any C/C++ source file. And as everything is internally handled as text, it can load your own dialogs, and even if it doesn't understand something it won't remove or change it. So a dialog can be loaded and then saved at the same place in its source file without having suffered a modification (except for formatting). Multiple dialogs in the same file are handled correctly.

You also can (quite) easily add support for your custom procs, by using a plugin system similar to that of Allegro's grabber. The current distribution includes plugins for the libraries bgui2 and AGUP. If you've created a plugin for your library, you can send it to me, and I'll add it to the next version.

What's new - v0.43 - 2003/04/10


You need Allegro 4.0 or later. The source distribution should work with MSVC, djgpp, Mingw32, and Linux. There are makefiles for other platforms, but they are either untested, or incomplete (help appreciated). If you run into any problem during the compilation, don't hesitate to contact me. 64K The source distribution, in a Microsoft friendly zip file
dlg-0.43-src.tar.gz 52K The source distribution, in a Unix friendly tarball 316K The source distribution, with a DOS executable 468K The source distribution, with a Microsoft® Windows® executable®... err, I mean executable!

Comments, questions, suggestions, bug reports or anything else: <>

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